Montclair was one of the very first towns in the Garden State to host a farmers’ market back in 1993. Since then the health, economic, and environmental benefits of farmers’ markets have enticed towns and cities to follow our lead, which means that access to locally grown food has spread around the state and across the country.

Our vibrant market sites are community gathering spots for thousands of visitors each season.  You will find New Jersey farmers and food artisans selling vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, cheese, prepared foods, baked goods, condiments, honey, wine, pickles, and flowers.   AND to make it even more enticing, we have food trucks at the Saturday market as well as great restaurants near both sites!  Please visit our vendor page for an evolving list of our market vendors.

Location & Time

Saturdays, 8am - 2pm @ Walnut Street Train Station (86 Walnut St.), June 3, 2017 — November 18, 2017 ** (free parking across the tracks)

** During the off season, some vendors sell their products at the Walnut Street Station.  Stop by on Saturdays to see what's being sold!

Did You Know...

New Jersey is home to almost 9,100 farms covering over 700,000 acres of farmland? In the United States, our Garden State ranks: 5th in blueberry production, 3rd in cranberry production, 3rd in spinach, 3rd in bell peppers, and 4th in peach production.  And how about a big round of applause for our apples, potatoes, strawberries, and tomatoes?!  Come to the Montclair Farmers' Market to purchase these products and more!